You’ll Be Able To Replace Your Newly Purchased Nintendo Switch With a Newer Model

(Picture Credits: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch owners might be able to replace their old Switch model with the newer version of Switch, which has a better battery life, only if they have purchased the Switch within a month. According to some Reddit posts, Nintendo of America has informed their customers that they can send in their older Switch model and replace it for a newer version. To be eligible for this offer the users must have purchased their Switch after 17th July which is when the company revealed the new upcoming version of Switch.

Polygon contacted Nintendo to verify the details of this offer. Nintendo confirmed the details to the publisher and let them know that the customers have to bear the shipping and insurance cost if they have to avail this offer. Owners are required to transfer the purchases from their Nintendo Switch Online Account.

The offer seems to be available only to customers in the US and Canada at the moment, and no confirmation for other locations have been revealed. Nintendo also didn’t mention any time limit for it. So you might want to hurry up and contact Nintendo to start the process without any delay.