XCOM 2 Will Feature Content by Long War Studios


In what is certainly a landmark move, Firaxis Studios has announced that XCOM 2 will feature “multiple mods” at launch, developed by Long War Studios, the team behind the acclaimed Long War total conversion mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within.

Launched in 2015, the Long War mod made waves in the community, and received much acclaim for its rehaul of the vanilla XCOM games, which featured tons of new content and improvements to the core game. The developers of the mod, John Lumpkin, Rachel “Amineri” Norman and James “JCLewis” Karlson, went on to form Long War Studios, “an independent video game development company dedicated to creating strategy games that challenge your mind while telling great stories.”

There has been no word as yet on what sort of content these mods will feature, but only that they will be available alongside the main game, launching on 5th February this year for the PC.

Watch the reveal trailer for XCOM 2 below, and get hyped: