Xbox One S Release date, Specs, and Price Reveled


Xbox One S is the newest member of the Xbox Family and its was first announced back at E3 2016. It is a redefined version of Xbox One which will have some amazing special features.

Xbox One S will have been 40% slimmer and sleeker that Xbox One and it will have an integral power supply. It will likewise come out in white, Xbox looks gorgeous in white. It will also support 4K Ultra HD video output for Blue-ray and stream content but not gaming.

X-Box Slim

It will likewise be capable of holding up the HDR feature that is found on many modern TVs. An IR Blaster is also included, hence one can flex along their other devices by using their Xbox One S.

Its wireless controller will receive with its textured grip, extended range and with its Bluetooth connection, you can apply it to PCs, tablets, and even phone.


Xbox One S currently comes in 3 models, the highest model comes with a 2TB storage and costs US$399, a 1TB version comes for US$349, and the 500 GB version cost US$299. All models are ready for pre-orders on the Microsoft Store and Amazon.

Additionally, the Microsoft Store will also include a free Xbox One Controller, so one should be taking home a total of 2 controllers. Gamers can finally get their hands on Xbox One S by August 31.

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