Xbox One S Plagued With Problems since the 4K Update


The Xbox One S was released on 2nd August. It got many positive reviews and many believe it’s better than the PS4. As we all know that Xbox One needed an update to deliver the 4K resolution, some people claim after this update the console is constantly delivering problems.


Few people complained about this on Reddit, a Reddit user named boySimba said his console became very slow after the update, he also faced frozen screens several times while playing games. One of the guys told that the Youtube app isn’t working on his console. Most of the people claim the controller is not functioning properly eitther. According to these people, the Xbox button push is not working properly.


Other that this few other problem also occurred, a Reddit user Quaza said:

“I just got my Xbox one S and The Revenant in 4k HDR but when I start it the header on my TV starts turning on and off constantly like the cable isn’t connected properly. When I’m not doing anything in hdr it works fine :S.”


Then another user named wisheychris complained he is facing problem while playing games in 4K. He says, he is facing “hitching” or “stutter” while playing games. This is what he actually said:

“Ok, so I dont know if this is an issue with my TV (samsung UN40KU6300) or what. If I set everything to 4k I get all green checks in the 4k TV details screen – so I think awesome.”

“Here is the issue – in all games I get a “hitching” or “stutter” and it drives me mad. I thought it was maybe a network issue so I tested out games on a second xbox one – NON S – and everything is perfect.” he added “So to test, I set my xbox one S to 1080p instead of 4k and BAM! Everything is perfect. Has anyone heard of this?”


After hearing all these problems I completely lost my faith in Microsoft. This was the first time when it was looking good for Microsoft, being ahead of Sony and everything. Due to these problems, Microsoft cannot match Sony anymore. I think Microsoft needs to get a new update out that fixes all the bugs, and gain the trust of it’s own user base, before trying to compete with Sony.

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