Xbox Game Pass is an Amazing Deal for PC Gamers in India


Xbox One never really took off in India even though the previous generation, Xbox 360, was still somewhat well known amongst gamers in the country. The current generation of Xbox barely had any noteworthy exclusive titles, their rough launch didn’t make things better, their India plan was lackluster at best – so it’s safe to say that the appeal for Xbox might not be high in India at the moment.

However, the Xbox Game Pass is a completely different story. While it doesn’t seem very popular at the moment for PC gamers in India, it is actually an amazing deal.

For the uninitiated, the Xbox Game Pass is somewhat like Netflix for games. For a small subscription fee – of Rs. 350 (+ Tax) – a month, you get a bunch of video games to play, curated by Microsoft themselves. A lot of other publishers and companies have also tried to do the same thing, but we don’t see anything coming close to the amount of value that we get from the Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass PC Beta App

The pass offers PC gamers a ton of amazing titles, both first party ones from Microsoft Studios as well as third party titles, that are quite expensive on their own.

Some of the Microsoft First Party Studio titles (including upcoming ones) available via Xbox Game Pass and their individual pricing.

  • Gears of War 4 – ₹ 1,999
  • Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition – ₹ 3,299
  • State of Decay 2 – ₹ 1,299
  • Halo Wars 2 Standard Edition – ₹ 2,274
  • The Outer Worlds (Upcoming) – ₹ 2,990
  • Gears 5 Standard Edition – ₹ 3,999

And here are some of the amazing third party studio titles available through the pass with their Xbox pricing as well as Steam pricing (without discounts).

  • Ark: Survival Evolved
    Xbox Price – ₹ 3,490
    Steam Price – ₹ 1,000
  • Wolfenstein 2 Standard Edition
    Xbox Price – ₹ 2,999
    Steam Price – ₹ 2,999
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Xbox Price – ₹ 894
    Steam Price – ₹ 999
  • Dead Rising 4
    Xbox Price – ₹ 2,349
    Steam Price – ₹ 1,999
  • Vampyr
    Xbox Price – ₹ 1,999
    Steam Price – ₹ 1,999
  • Surviving Mars
    Xbox Price – ₹ 1,624
    Steam Price – ₹ 699
  • Tyranny Gold Edition
    Xbox Price – ₹ 2,159
    Steam Price – ₹ 1,497

All the above games plus quite a lot of curated indie games are available through the pass. As you can imagine, buying these games individually is a lot more costlier than paying ₹ 350(+Tax) a month to gain access to a vast library of PC games.

It should be noted that some iconic games are however missing from the Xbox Game Pass for PC, one of those would be Minecraft. Minecraft is easily one of Microsoft’s most selling game after they acquired Mojang from Notch. Minecraft is also one of the most played games on PC till date, yet the game seems missing in the Xbox Game Pass for PC. Perhaps we will see it added to the library in the future?

There’s a small FAQ section as well which answers several other questions regarding the Xbox Game Pass for PC. If you’re looking to get the subscription for yourself, you can go to their home page here and follow the instructions.

Are you planning on getting the Xbox Game Pass for PC after reading this? Let us know in the comment section below!

Disclosure – We should mention that we did not get paid for this article and this isn’t a sponsored article in any manner. We genuinely believed in the value that we were getting out of the Xbox Game Pass on PC and hence decided to write this article.