What Happened At Asus OC India Tour: Kolkata?


Before we begin, it needs mentioning that the Asus OC India Tour: Kolkata event was invite only and it took place at Kenilworth Hotel. The ambiance was nice with all the Asus products showcased in the entire hall from laptops to hand wearable(s) as well as the new padfone.

Vinay Shetty, who is from Mumbai and is now taking care of component division for South-East Asia, was the host . He begins the event by telling us about Asus and what’s the company is all about. He goes on to tell us how they started a new division for overclocking because he saw a potential market by some passionate tech nerds who are always striving to get the maximum performance out of their products.

The main purpose of the Asus OC event was to educate people about the overclocking potential of the various hardware everyone uses in their everyday lives. Since there are many eager people who want to push the boundary of the hardware they use, Asus is not alone in trying to push the overclocking market in India. ASUS presents themselves as the guys in suits who think about the end user. According to them, back when there was no anti surge in motherboards which caused to crash, Asus went on to invent anti surge tech at just 0.5$ so that the entry level consumers would be able to run their system without the worry of current shortages and leakages.

Some overclocking experts like Hazzan, Amey and Shatul insisted on one thing; that Asus has stability, easy to use BIOS UI and robust systems. Shatul Durlabhji is someone who has gone to make several custom PCs, one of them was for AR Rahman which he made out of Asus products. According to him, Rahman was completely satisfied with the end product.

“Experienced in ASUS products and fully satisfied with their top notch services. They keep improving their products within a span of 6 months.”- Says Jimmy, who is a Radio Jockey and hence needs high end products for music. He tells us that after he chose Asus, he has never switched to any other brand. He was specially invited to the event by Vinay Shetty.

At the event, they set up overclock workstations to teach us overclocking as well as overclocking in extreme conditions using liquid nitrogen at frigging -170 degrees Celcius.
There were two machines for the Cloud VII team of ASUS OC India, one was an 8370E which reached 7 and another was a 6700K which reached 6.1 Ghz. Even TechArx, our hardware blogger friends in Kolkata, went to the event and covered it. You can read their coverage of the event by going to this link right here.

There was also a small competition where everyone had to reach 4.5 GHz on the 6500K chips and cinebench as well as XTU (extreme tuning utility) scores. The one with the higher scores would win. Unfortunately I came third and the person who secured first and second positions got ASUS motherboards. The runner up team Arka got a B150i Pro Gamer Mini ITX motherboard and the winner Arijit Guha got a MAXIMUM VIII Ranger motherboard.