What Do We Think of Horizon Zero Dawn?


This article is a collaborative effort between Asidcast’s Deep Chakraborty and Joel Monteiro.

Horizon Zero Dawn is the next action role-playing developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PS4 stated for a 2017 release. It will the first IP developed by Guerrilla games since Killzone and this will also be the first Role-Playing game developed by them.

Horizon Zero Dawn will take place in a lush post-apocalyptic land set 1000 years in the future. The future looks quite dark and is taken over by mechanical creatures. In this game, you will play as a female hunter and archer, Aloy, who hunts mechanical creatures to survive through this deadly land. Hunting these creatures offer useful resources like electricity and metal, what are the uses for these resources are yet to be found.horizon-zero-dawn-screen-04-us-15jun15We have seen both of the trailers of Horizon Zero Dawn and this game looks quite promising. The world of this game looks amazing with tall trees, snow, green bushes, etc. The world of the game is quite big on one hand it has mountain ranges filled with snow and on another, it has vast barren deserts full of sand.

Aloy is the main character of this game. She is a brave hunter equipped with a bow and different weapons, nothing much is known about her but in the trailer , it’s shown that her tribe considers her an outcast. Actually, none of the tribe members know where she came from or who her father and mother really were. It can be possible that somehow she was preserved during the apocalypse and thus, she didn’t die and possible that’s why nobody knows her.

Now let’s transfer our focus towards the story, to be honest, this is the only aspect of the game which we know absolutely nothing of. Guerrilla games have kept the story a secret but after watching the recent trailers we can guess that the story will mainly show how mankind was destroyed and the true characterization of our protagonist Aloy, and what she does to change the world around her.

Why is the world the way it is as shown? In this post-apocalyptic world, we are wildly guessing that there was a boom in technology and science, but the planet didn’t have the resources to keep the human race going for long, and that caused humanity to abandon the planet, over the years, while our buildings crumbled and monuments collapsed, our robots and AI survived, and unluckily for the few humans still on Earth, the AI was sentient enough to realize nature’s cruel law of the survival of the fittest and started evolving itself, rather quickly, and became the dominant species of the planet, as shown in the trailer they roam the Earth in all shapes and sizes.

Humans, without their technological counterparts were pushed back into the stone age and survived as nomadic tribes. But one particular outcast wants to change all that. As she was born without identity and a purpose, she makes it her mission to find out who she is and what can she do to change the world. It is the story of a strong, independent woman held back by the tribal society that surrounds her, and against all odds she’s determined to face the dangers to seek the truth everyone is hiding from. This is all speculation based on what little info we have, though we’d love to expect something similar from this title.

HorizonsZeroDawn-6The game-play also looks great and the action is truly a showstopper. If you think the world a 1000 years later would have some cool guns then you are wrong because no guns can be seen in the trailers, but the final game could have some cool weapons, either way, it doesn’t bother us much cause we are very interested in the bow and its customization schemes rather than the saturated gun warfare we’ve been seeing in every game.

This game will be fully open world and you can explore the environment freely. This a great game for photography due to its stunning lighting and dynamic environment. But the limited technology of the PS4 could cause a hindrance, we wish Guerrilla Games adds a photo mode on this beauty.

This game will hit the store shelves on 28th of February as a PS4 exclusive. For more updates on games on huge mechanized creatures and risk taking women, stay tuned to Asidcast.