This Week in India Dota: Raunak ‘Crowley’ Sen kicked/leaving from Entity Esports


Raunak ‘Crowley’ Sen, a mainstay in the Indian domestic circuit in eSports ranging from shooters like CoD to what he currently professionalizes in, DotA, has reportedly been kicked from India’s unarguably top roster, Entity Esports. Following an article by TalkEsports mentioning rumors about Crowley to have either been kicked from the team due to misconduct or having left on his own accord to imporve as a player, we got in touch with Sid Joshi, manager at Entity Esports.

“Crowley is not ‘planning’ to leave. He was removed for misconduct. He’s not leaving himself. He was kicked.”


This indeed confirms the former that Crowley, India’s long-time poster boy for the mid lane currently isn’t a part of Entity Esports, and that too not by choice. Their performance at the ROG Masters, the biggest LAN event to have been attended by not one but two Indian teams was underwhelming in comparison to the other teams, but hadn’t done anything to raise eyebrows as to whether it would lead to a roster change. That being said, this news does come as quite unsettling in general.


To be taken note of, this decision was taken primarily by the management of Entity Esports and the fact that he indeed was removed, just to cease any other rumors regarding the situation at hand. We shall keep you up-to-date regarding what happens next. For now, Entity Esports seems to have brought Swifty back on the mid-role and brought in Evil-Ash who has been the coach-substitute for the squad to fulfill the position 4 role, evidence being the team that played the ESL One Gentings Qualifiers, wherein they went down 2-0 against a resurgent EVOS.


In a facebook post following whatever happened between the organization and Crowley, Raunak talks about the entire drama surrounding it. His side of the story however follows a stark contrast with what we gathered from Entity Esports. Talking about his stint there from the beginning itself, he describes the environment in which he was ‘forced’ to play in, citing contracts and stable income enabling it to be semi toxic before his arrival.

The point to have come to out notice however, is that his narration involves him leaving the team after being asked to sit out for ESL One Gentings Qualifiers to ‘work on his attitude’, which again is, according to Crowley, a half baked excuse to kick him. He also then takes on ‘a certain website’ which at this point of time could well be us, and regarding that all I have to say is that we currently shall not be gathering any intel to update our coverage of this messy affair but work with what statements are provided by both the parties in general.

Interestingly however, towards the end he mentions, ” I will continue to compete, just not sure if I will do it in Indian esports.” With not many teams left in my opinion that compete at the higher level in India, it just seemed to have left Crowley to either join another team in India or most probably leave land for better offers, and that statement does indeed confirm that. He ends it with asking for the continued support.

UPDATE: Facebook post from Entity Esports

The matter at hand continues to escalate, and with it the stakes for both sides. After a lot of feathers rustled specifically over how the matter unfolded with websites such as ours and TalkEsport’s coming under scrutiny over the informal leak of sensitive information, we finally have an official statement regarding what went underway from Entity Esports. They provide a series of reasons that led to the ouster of Raunak, which they have said to be their 2nd decision to go to, first being him benched for ESL One Gentings.  Raunak also replies to the post at hand in the comments, more or less asking for them to back up their claims of misconduct with better proof and asking people to not develop professional decisions based on what he does in his personal chats.

With the situation getting bigger and dragging longer, we shall keep you posted only with what culminates finally from this mess and not divulge into tiny details, for which we advise you to keep a lookout at the links that we have hyperlinked in this article.