We Take A Look At Psycho Store: An Online Store To Satisfy One’s Inner Geek


So we’re going to be doing something different today. We are going to be ‘reviewing’ an online T-shirt store. To be more precise, we’re going to be reviewing Psychostore.in and their products based on 2 T-shirts we were provided by the holy ones themselves.

Psychostore.in is a brand new website that sells some sick T-shirts if you haven’t noticed already. There are quite a few other websites like Psychostore selling T-shirts for the pop culture audience in India these days and most of them have a fairly large number of designs but what really sets this tiny little website apart is the exclusive and excellent designs that make it up.

You can head over to their website www.psychostore.in and check out those awesome designs on display like the ones inspired by Mario, Naruto, Fallout 4, One Punch Man or Dragonball Z.

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Ordering from the website after you zero in on the T-shirt of your choice is pretty straightforward as everyone is familiar with these processes now. Psycho Store has a few tiny details in place that makes your ordering experience feel more personalized and fun.

And before you ask, yes, they do have cash-on-delivery.



The typical time for the product to actually reach your place (depending on obviously, where you live) is roughly not more than 5 days on an average. Which is pretty good if you consider the problems that plague the operations of your random start-up: psychostore.in has handled their logistics fairly well.



There are way too many ecommerce websites today that have crowded our internet space. All of them try to deliver on time but what they seem to have forgotten is about the experience of receiving an item you ordered online, the joy you feel when the long awaited item is handed to you.

Psychostore.in understands this. Their T-shirts come in a cylindrical container you would expect a poster to arrive in. But your t shirt arrives in this “khamba” with the words psychostore.in taped on it. You have the standard bills and stuff but also a handwritten post it note by the psychostore.in team. It’s really surprising how these little, tiny things that they do (also like writing an unconventional confirmation email) makes you feel that they genuinely care about what they are doing here and I believe that touch needs to come back to e-commerce startups in order for them to find their niche in this overcrowded market.


The quality of the T-shirts are fairly good. Even though the cloth used for the T-shirts might be a little on the heavier side as we found out, these T-shirts can be worn on a hot summer day as well. They are made of comfortable material and appear to be durable. The print quality is top notch and is perfect even after your regular grind and washing and repeating closer to ad infinitum (like five times till now).

This is the ugliest picture of myself I could find.


Psycho Store is a T-shirt website that fancies a small but quality inventory. The constant price sans discounts throughout the website is 499 INR, which is a  sweet price spot. In my opinion, since they have an exclusive set of designs they could have priced their T-shirts slightly higher but they chose not to perhaps due to the current saturated state of the market they are trying to get into.

Their products are very good as we can say from experience. We have been wearing them for a while now in order to “comprehensively” review them but we have to admit: THESE T-SHIRTS ARE DAMN FINE!

Their shaping of the customer experience points towards a business philosophy that focuses on care and an apparently non – professional relationship with the customer. I have to say, they have the right ideas.

What remains to be seen is how many more amazing products they will add to their website because we can safely assume that they are going to be as awesome, witty and exclusive as the existing stock.

ASIDCAST TIP: Look out for those both sides printed t-shirts for the same damn price! Like the Nuka Cola we got!