We Interview Raunak ‘Crowley’ Sen And Ask Him About His Thoughts On The Indian Esports Scene


So we heard of this guy who played video games professionally for quite some time now and was supposedly one of the best players in India of this little known game called Dota 2. We hadn’t heard of him or the game before so we decided to sit down with the chap in order to know more about his culture and it’s mysterious ways. He goes by the name of Crowley over the internetz and his real name is Raunak Sen.



So before we begin, tell us a little about yourself so that our readers might have a little more context other than “Oh! It’s that famous esports guy from India!”

Hi my name’s Raunak Sen, and I go by the nickname ‘Crowley’. I’m 19 years old and I’m a Dota player, a pretty good one.

When did you start taking Esports seriously enough to think that it may be a career option? Did you have any opposition from your parents or relatives as such when you decided to put most of your time and effort into this industry?

Well it started off as a hobby to flame and have fun in local cafes, then after playing lots of it, I got the sudden urge to be the best, and yeah parents gave no fucks and supported my decision and still do.

Do you have any advice for others who might be looking to make esports their career as well?

Esports in our country is not appreciated by others so if you’re the type to give fucks about what others think, this probably isn’t for you. As for the ones who want to make it big, don’t treat this as a hobby and eventually it’ll get big. You get better with a little bit of commitment and some form of tryhard depending on the game.

Not a lot of people are aware, but you’ve beaten Sumail in Dota when he used to participate in tournaments in India along with him Pakistani team. Could you tell us a little about him and the kind rivalry that you two shared, if there was any to begin with?

Well yeah we played few times and me and my team won every time… However, this was almost 18 months ago, so I’d like if people stop comparing us already because he’s won TI for fuck’s sake.

What are your thoughts about the Dota 2 scene, or the Esports scene in general, in India? What do you think are the problems that are holding this industry back in our country?

I’m not so sure actually. There is definitely a lack of sponsors for one of course, if not none… But none of the players are streaming or trying to further themselves. I guess lack of commitment.

It’s well known that MOBA games like Dota 2 or League of Legends tend to have a toxic community. Do you think that India also has a toxic community surrounding the game or Esports scene?

Well, the Dota community used to be toxic as fuck back in the day but it’s a lot more peaceful now with minimum politics. And the ones who do politics are kinda bad at it, so it’s fun I guess.


Tell us a little about your team NeckBreak.

I’ve been playing together with Evil-ash and Prophecy since 4-5 years as far as I remember, we’ve had our fuck ups but now everyone is chilled out, way too chilled out actually. As for Haunter and a35, they’ve joined us last year, they have adapted to the team really well, the latter has weird fetishes but yea whatever, we’re a happy team, so that’s all that matters.

NeckBreak’s League of Legends squad is the first South Asian team to reach challenger on the SEA server. This effectively means two things, NeckBreak has a really good League of Legends team and that South Asia as a whole doesn’t have good League of Legends teams. Why do you think that’s the case? Dota 2 and League of Legends are, for the most part, similar games and yet Dota 2 has a lot of popularity in this part of the world compared to LoL.

I actually don’t know much about League, but SEA is trash if im not mistaken. That being said, still mad props to NeckBreak’s league team to making it to whatever the fuck they did. The scene is bad in this region, so they’ll have to work harder if they want to make it big, but gratz boys, and stay away from our salary budget. :Kappa:

How involved would you say game companies/sponsors are when it comes to esports in India?

Umm… there is involvement from some sides of course but I won’t go ahead and take names. However, there are some who just mess it up big time, be it brands or organizations.


Do you think people who don’t know anything about a game can watch an esports match of said game?

Dota is a game which can be understood very easily since the spectating features are top notch, it would take a dumb person to not understand while watching with a caster. However, it’s extremely hard to play. Watching is okay though, and easily worth it.

Lastly, what kind of future do you see the in the Indian esports scene? Do you think it’s going anywhere fast anytime soon?

I don’t know what the future holds but It’ll be nice if India someday becomes an esports nation. As for my team and our Dota career, we probably have to create our own future 🙂

As a team though, we stopped thinking about India. Every goal from here on out is either SEA or beyond. Because the current scene in India is bullshit.

Any last words to end this interview with?

I just want to shout out to all our genuine fans and NeckBreak’s CEO who’s doing a swell job.

You can stalk Crowley over at Facebook r follow his team’s page NeckBreak, which coincidentally, is also on Facebook.

NeckBreak also has this website too.