We found RX 480 Gaming Benchmarks And They Aren’t What We Expected From A 199$ Card


Hint: They are much better than we expected.

Disclaimer: Asidcast hasn’t received a review sample to benchmark this card. These benchmarks were leaked online and deleted quickly, and has surfaced into youtube thanks to a re-upload by a rookie youtuber named Alex. (We would love to get a review sample though, to verify the benchmarks ourselves)

The RX 480‘s launch date of June 29 is just around the corner and seeing these benchmarks and specs, you’ll be inclined to buy one too. The benchmarks were leaked, in addition to a hands-on preview of the card and its full specs.  The benchmarks included Rockstar’s famous sandbox, GTA 5, with RPG of the year, The Witcher 3, along with multiplayer FPS games like DOOM, Overwatch & Counter Strike:Global Offensive.

Complete Specifications Revealed:

All we knew till now were the 256bit 8 Gbps GDDR5 memory subsystem and the 36 Compute Unit figure for the graphics engine. Thanks to the latest GPU-Z screenshot that was  leaked, the rest of the specifications have been revealed.

The specifications here are looking very promising.
The specifications here  look very promising.

Polaris 10 features 32 ROPs, the same number that we’ve seen in AMD’s Tonga and Tahiti GPUs.  The number of TMUs on the other hand has grown comparatively from 128 to 144. As a result of the higher number of GCN cores & compute units inside Polaris 10 compared to Tonga & Tahiti. It has also been confirmed that the 8GB variant of the RX 480 features GDDR5 8Gbps memory chips by Samsung. The same type that we’ve seen in Nvidia’s GTX 1070.

RX 480 Gaming Performance:
With specs that good, the gaming performance must be godlike, and for the price point of 200$ it gives us the same power that a top of the line R9 Fury or GTX 980 would give us last year, if that’s not godlike, wait until the true giants of AMD, the VEGA series of chips arrive. Without any more waiting, here are the video benchmarks for each game.

Witcher 3:


The game runs so much better on this card than on my almost 3 year old 280X*cries* but honestly, it gives performance similar to a top of the line enthusiast card at almost Ultra settings at 1080p, gives an average of about 70FPS while exploring White Orchard, and goes to an average of 62 FPS during a fight with a griffin. It barely goes below 60FPS and the lowest it touches is 56FPS and that’s for a millisecond, so you probably wont even notice it. The game was played on a system with an i5-6400 and had the terribly optimized hairworks off.

Grand Theft Auto 5:


GTA 5 was a hit on PS3 and Xbox 360 and PC gamers wished they could have a piece of Rockstar’s epic and sure enough, they did, with a remastered version launched along with the PS4 and Xbox One, and was a technical wonder that ran much better than it’s unoptimized prequels. Running the game on High or Ultra and achieving 60 FPS was an easy task in the game but the benchmark was too strenuous so lower values were common. And the FPS would get shot down even more so with the advanced graphics turned all the way up. the RX 480 performed very well even under the maximum settings possible when paired up with a i5-6400. The card manages a min fps of 37FPS and goes to over 100FPS with the Advanced Graphics cranked all the way up. Expect great 1440p performance at 60FPS on this title without the advanced Settings on.

Doom, Overwatch and Counter Strike Global offensive:


Doom is a next gen multiplayer game that is light to run, but turns demanding after pushing the settings all the way up to Nightmare. The video shows a wide range of FPS ranging from 121 at its peak to 57 at its lowest even at its highest settings. But the average is high enough for the game to be played without anyone complaining about lag at all.


Meanwhile Overwatch plays amazingly well, as the FPS averages above a hundred at the highest settings and surprisingly plays like it’s hooked to a card better than a 980. Expect no performance problems on this title.


Hardcore CSGO players will love this game as the game hits framerates between 200 and 250, and easily averages between the higher end of that spectrum. You could run this game at 1440p or 4K and still expect crazy high eSport level performance.

As you can see the reference card has no back plate, and is considerable shorter in length. The cooler is what's so long, I expect a Nano cooler version soon.
As you can see the reference card has no back plate, and is considerably shorter in length. The blower cooler is so long, I expect a Nano cooler version soon.

In conclusion, this is a fast graphics card. Very Fast. And it’s cheap. Very Cheap. Plus do note that these games weren’t played on drivers optimized for the new card, so expect better performance with a newer driver and DX12 games. As you may remember, two of these cards beat a GTX 1080 in a DirectX 12 game. So its full potential wont be seen until later,so those who believe in ‘future proofing’ their PCs will like this card too. AMD has hit itself a homerun and Nvidia’s gonna be sweating to beat this target before year end, and it may be too late then.

For more benchmarks and news, stay tuned to Asidcast.