Here is What Game Stats Have to Say About Vrogos the Underlord, 24 Hours After His Release in Dota 2


The ‘Dark Rift’ update has been released for the DotA community, and with it came from beneath the underground, simply the most badass looking hero (without Arcanas or any hats), Vrogos the Underlord. And with that concluded Reddit’s quest in meeting all their beloved heroes – from a small mod in Warcraft to finding them on a Source 2 engine, as every hero from DotA has finally been ported to DotA 2. However, amidst all the memes and the red days that our MMR’s are at the threshold of, let us take a look at what overall game stats have to say about the hero that has been getting picked first in pretty much every pub, unless someone was falling short on their Battle Pass levels for the coveted Immortal Gardens (if you get what I’m saying).


We took a look at the community’s favourite, Dotabuff to check out how well the Lord of the obsidian city of Aziyog was doing in pubs, and surprise, surprise, we already have a below 50% win rate (barely though) for it, which does not keep in line with how new heroes have been introduced in the game, as the Arc Warden saw a significantly excellent win-rate in its yesteryear before being nerfed to oblivion by OSFrog. With a 49% winrate on day 1 of its release in mind, let us look at other stats that they have to offer.

The Underlord seems to have found its highest winrate and pick rate for the offlane a.k.a position 3. Also, from the items that have been most frequent to him, one can make the calculated decision that he is going to see himself as the utility carrier. Backing me in this claim is the fact that Guardian Greaves, Crimson Guard, Shiva’s Guard and the Pipe of Insight picked up are seeing a winrate of higher than 60%.

However, pubstars are currently  looking to solidify themselves as expert Underlord tank spammers, as in the DotA 1 days, seemingly because of their build and the popularity of the items that they are making, such as Battle Fury and that Treads have been picked up more often than Arcane boots, not to forget that the Blade Mail is the numba wun item. That claim still can be countered by many other items that have been picked up more often, at which you can take a look here.

How does the Underlord make his presence felt in the pro circuit? Will they utilize him as their utility carrier only or shall we see him making the most of his 3rd ability and carry their teams? Let us know in the comments below!