Valve to Upgrade Network Infrastructure to Include 100GBps Internet Service Ports


In a press release a few days back, Level 3 Communications announced its plans to upgrade the network infrastructure of Valve to include 100 Gigabites per second (Gbps) Internet Service ports. This development is being undertaken due to the ‘substantial rise in popularity of digital services and online games provided by Steam’.

Mike Dunkle, them person behind the Business Development of Internet Infrastructure at Valve has this to say about this welcome move:

“Valve is committed to providing Steam customers with the best possible experience and services. Level 3 has been instrumental in helping us scale our network to easily and efficiently manage the accelerated growth we’ve seen over the last several years. They’re one of the few providers that offers 100 Gbps Internet ports, which are now a critical component of our network infrastructure.”

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Chief Marketing Officer Anthony Christie’s statement below provides us more clarity behind the thought process of this move:

“While online gaming has been around for decades, game developers and distributors are encountering new challenges as online games have become more popular and bandwidth-hungry. Level 3’s network of 100 Gbps Internet ports enables companies like Valve to securely handle massive amounts of traffic and bandwidth-heavy downloads, while still providing millions of customers with the seamless gaming experience that has made Steam a leading platform.”

Traffic levels to Steam’s servers are growing approximately 75 percent year-over-year according to the press release. And we surely have seen our fair share of suffering from the lack of infrastructure upgrades in Steam servers. From ‘Steam servers are too busy to handle your request’ to ‘Steam servers are currently down. Thank you for your patience’, we have seen it all. However, in my opinion, how much ever necessary you think this move was, one cannot forget the apparent delay in undertaking this Level 1 requirement has taken.

Find the complete press release by clicking on this link right here.