Team Elunes Lose In Round Of 32 At The Shanghai Majors Open Qualifiers #2


Team Elunes was the talk of the town yesterday, when they hit headlines in becoming the first Indian team to ever go as far as the Round of 8 in the Shanghai Majors Open Qualifiers #2, the farthest and deepest impact any Indian team ever had in the international DotA scene. This was followed with at least 400 nervous fans spectating AFKGaming’s stream today with many more spectating in-game. But they went back disappointed.

Team Elunes, playing against a formidable Team PhxM, were ousted at almost every engagement with their opponent early on. This gave a sizeable Gold and Experience lead to a committed Team PhxM. Adding up to the dismay of the Elunes were team DC’s and frequent DC’s by ZeDisBuGG, on the Treant Protector. With few glimmers of hope here and there for the Elunes, picking heroes one by one, few team fights made the course of the game certain as Team Elunes called ‘gg’ at the 24th minute itself.

This, however, is not the reason for writing this article. The main reason being Team Elunes hitting the 89th spot in the GosuGamers raking of the top DotA 2 teams worldwide! Yes, you read it! More than tens of thousands of teams in the world, and the Indian flag lies at the 89th position! For a country with lakhs of gamers spread all over, this is indeed a big achievement for the Indian DotA scene. ClouDx, founder of AFKGaming and caster of the games played by Indian teams in the qualifiers, had this to say which I believe is or should be echoed by many:

“It was a great effort from them and I really hope fans continue to support them rather than hating on them”

Speaking of the great effort, this is what man of the moment, Team Elunes’ captain Bari ‘ZeDisBuGG’ Anwar, had this to state:

“It’s the rise of the Indian dota scene. We worked really hard and after receiving the love from Indian community we are all pumped up to work harder than ever and reach the top tier scene. We jumped 80 ranks in the global team rankings only during the Shanghai Major qualifiers and are determined to jump another 40-60 by the next Major. We appreciate the unconditional support that the Indian Dota 2 community has shown in us and hope we can make their dream of an Indian team at a Major come true very soon.”

The Indian scene has had to go through frequent team disbands, players leaving organizations and more importantly, scam tournaments and a bad history of sponsors and controversies. With this landmark, I really hope that the Indian scene sees a considerable turnaround in all these aspects, and we see more of those Indian flags up on those rankings. Who knows, a TI winner might just be around the corner…

Also, shoutout to Nishant Patel a.k.a ClouDx for sticking around to cast the 2nd Open Qualifiers for 8 hours straight and hitting a record 3000 viewers! Check out all the VoDs casted by him below.