Ubisoft selling Tom Clancy’s The Division beta. For Charity.


Ubisoft has attained a rather dubious status in the gaming industry for implementing rather notorious ways to make money, much to the ire of masses. To point out notable instances, the recent case of Far Cry Primal where you wouldn’t be able to play as the Mammoth unless the gamer buys a Collector’s Edition. Then there is the annual drama of the Assassin’s Creed series, one which is the best example of milking the cash cow. And now, new year has just begun and we already have a case on our hands given by the never-upsetting-to-destroy-your-expectations Ubisoft in the form of making you pay for The Division’s beta.

Ubi Humble

To set the record straight lets first understand the situation properly and then go in depth with what just happened. Ubisoft, in the Humble Bundles, is offering you Tom Clancy’s The Division’s beta playable for you (along with some ancient Tom Clancy’s titles) which should set you back $9.32. And they are claiming that the proceeds from this plan are set to go to charity. And NO, when the game is released you will NOT have access to the full game, for which after you have paid the $9.32 and then intend to buy the complete game, you will again NOT get discounted $9.32. And to just state another fact, the game is all set to cost INR 1,799, which is roughly 27$ right now.

While, at first impressions it may surely seem to be in good terms with the fact that all the proceeds are to go to charity, one then cannot help but think critically as to just how badly this is being implemented. As far as I am concerned, they surely could then reduce the price of the original game when the game is released for those who had to ‘buy’ the beta. This kind of implementation shows good faith in the game they have made as they then believe the game is good and that people will buy the complete game after liking the beta.

What do you think of the latest stunt being conducted by Ubisoft? Genuine help for the charity or another gimmick for marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

You can check out the humble bundle page here.