Tobii Reveals Eye-Tracking Features for Tom Clancy’s The Division


Stockholm-based Tobii Tech, known for their work on eye-tracking technology, has revealed that they’ve developed technology that will allow players to track enemies on-screen using only their eyes.  Players will be able to look around and aim in-game by simply looking at the required spot on-screen. Anyone with a product that utilizes the Tobii eye-tracker, including the  Tobii EyeX, SteelSeries Sentry or MSI GT72 S Tobii.

L- Stuart White of Ubisoft’s Redstorm studio, R – Oscar Werner, CEO of Tobii Tech Source: Venture Beat

According to BusinessWire, this tech will include the following features:

Aim @ Gaze: When looking at a target and pressing the aim command, the player’s scene camera will automatically center on the target, with fine adjustments made with the thumb stick or mouse.

Grenade @ Gaze: Just as players aim their primary weapon with Aim @ Gaze, they too can aim their trusty explosive in the same manner – look, center and engage.

Cover @ Gaze: “Look for cover” has a whole new meaning. Players caught in one of The Division’s wildly exciting firefights can move between cover objects simply by exploring the scene with their eyes. When looking for new sanctuary, available cover objects are highlighted when the player’s gaze runs across them, allowing players to run for cover with a simple command.

Enemy Tagging: The feature makes exploration more realistic as players scan their environment for threats, tying their vision and their character’s together. As mentioned above, players need only look at an enemy to tag and track them for other teammates.

Collaborative Targeting: Once an enemy is tagged with Enemy Tagging, the real assault begins. Use collaborative targeting to simplify communication amongst your team and highlight a common enemy to engage together.

Extended View: Use your eyes to manipulate and control the in-game camera, providing an “Infinite Screen” experience. For example, as the player looks to the left of screen, the scene camera will auto-pan to the left intuitively and in harmony with the player.

EyeX Marks the Spot: Items and locations on the mega map can easily be highlighted and selected when the player looks at them, enhancing the map’s ease of use.

Clean UI: Players get more screen real estate and a completely unobstructed view of the action, making gamers feel as if they are physically there. Here, contextually activated UI elements like mini-map, ammunition and health are hidden until a player looks at a specific part of the screen. With less distractions on screen players are able to better focus on completing their primary objective.

VentureBeat got to try the tech for The Division on the PC, and reports that the system worked quite well. It seems to work quite intuitively, although it doesn’t do all the work for you, as in it requires fine aiming to be completed using the in-game sights.

It’s amazing how something like this, which sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie, is now a real world technology. Tobii says that there is a legitimate possibility that these features will come to more games in the future. The company hopes that eye tracking will become ubiquitous through general PC user interface, virtual reality, and augmented reality applications, according to its CEO, Oscar Werner. It’d certainly be the next big thing in user input in gaming.

You can watch some of the features of Tobii’s eye-tracking tech in action below: