Titan X Benchmarks Are Out! (For 3 Games) Here’s how the Titan Compares With The Common Folk

Nvidia Titan X

The new Titan X was released yesterday, as we all know it is not for gaming. It is mainly for video editing and 3D designing. This card costs $1200, which is a very high price for gamers to spend.

Today, we found some benchmarks which show its performance in 3 graphically demanding games. We know it’s not made for gaming, but still, we want to show you how it performs in games.

Nvidia Titan X

Nvidia Titan X is the newest member of the Pascal family. This card has 12 GB of video memory, 1.152 GHz Clock Speed, 336 GB/s Memory Bandwidth and 250 watts of TDP.

Three games, Far Cry Primal, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Witcher 3 were played using a Titan X. We will offer you how well it performed in the following slides.

 Slide1 Slide2 Slide3
From these slides, we can obviously conclude the Titan X will handle 4K gaming and VR like a walk in the park. The price tag of 1200$ is off putting and the card is better used for other reasons, but via yearly trends we can imagine the 1080Ti to have similar performance to this, and that card will be price well cheaper. GTX 1080 owners better beware of the Ti version. Either way you guys have a beast of a card.

Note: We did not receive a Titan X, these benchmarks were found on the internet.

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