The New “God of War” could have taken Place in Ancient Egypt


This year’s E3 was won by Sony, they revealed loads of new games, but there was one game which caught everyone’s attention and became the talk of the town, that game is God of War. Kratos is back with some surprises, this time he will be kept company by his own son and a massively manly beard. This game will feature a 3rd person view which has been a cause of upset for some devotees, but this angle doesn’t bother me too much because after seeing the environments and everything we are pretty much pleased.

god of war 2016 pic 2It didn’t take long for the fans to understand that this game will be set in Norse Mythology but guys do you know Norse Mythology wasn’t the sole choice of Santa Monica studio. For a long time, they were split between Norse Mythology and ancient Egypt. In an interview with EurogamerGod of War director Cory Balrog revealed that the team was in a doubt for a long time.

Here is what he said:

“Egyptian mythology was the other one and half the team was way into that,” said Balrog. “All of them had great reasons. I think, for me, as I looked at both of those, Egyptian mythology is about the pharaohs as embodiments of the gods on earth and there’s a lot more about civilization – it’s less isolated, less barren. I think at this time, we really wanted to focus on Kratos. Having too much around distracts from that central theme of a stranger in a strange land.”

In my view, a Well, a snowy mountain is better than a barren desert. This time, God of War will primarily concentrate on the relation between Kratos and his son. The story of this game is looking quite well along with impressive gameplay. This game possesses the potential to be the best God of War game.screen shot 2016-06-13 at 9.08.29 pm

The release date of the game is not known yet but it will presumably release before E3 2017

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