The new Batman series by Telltale is a huge disaster on the PC


I run better than this game and I’m fat.”  When you get this kind of a review on Steam, you know that there is something horribly wrong with the game.

After the huge success of the Batman Arkham series by Warner Bros and Rocksteady, everybody was waiting for a new Batman title to come out especially PC gamers since the last title of the Arkham series Arkham Knight was a mess on the PC. It was very poorly optimized and had a ton of performance issues, even after the developers released several patches.

When Telltale Games creators of the successful episodic games The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among US announced a Batman game series last year it turned quite a lot of heads as the episodic adventure format was a far cry from the action brawler genre the series had become associated with.  The game finally came out on 2nd August for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It started out fine but disaster struck in the form of the PC port which turned out to be a huge mess. With huge performance issues it seems that light does strike twice.

Since it’s release on Steam, the game is getting constant complaints by steam users stating several bugs in controls, dialogue synchronization, and severe performance issues with lags and stutters.

We’ve scourged deep into Steam and  managed to gather some hilarious reviews of the game from Steam:

1      2                                                                                              3                   4                                                                                               5

Sometimes even great games have rough starts with bad PC ports becoming a trend nowadays. With games being rarely patched properly (the Arkham Knight still has issues) we do hope that a working fix will be released for the PC since the game has gotten a fairly positive reception on the consoles.

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