The Coalition: A Festival For Creative Individuals


Two years ago, The Coalition was launched as a creative boot camp for individuals who wanted to transform their ideas into a business. However, the main concern for creative ecosystem in India remained – how do we take fields and professions that exist in silos and bring them together as a larger community; a creative force that ignites the cultural growth of the country?’

These lines are what define The Coalition, an initiative dedicated to discovering and more importantly, defining a path for everyone who prefer doodling their time away behind notebook whilst looking outside the windows of their class. Creative people in India have discovered and paved new in roads within a business sector that has been long neglected and buried beneath the rat race in the left-minded world of ours. But while there surely are those who taste appreciation, still many exist without a voice for their creativity. The Coalition envisions a world where people, born to contribute to everything creative do not get silenced out of sheer lack of opportunities, help or support.

Offering a huge platter of streams ranging whether it be content creation, art, music, photography, gaming, all to new a few, this is a must-visit event whether you be a person working 9-to-5 and then spend it trying your hand out at photography or a full time artist or musician on YouTube. Dwelling over some details now:

The event spans over 3 days, from the 4th of March to the 6th.

Location for the event is Talkatora Garden, President’s Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110004.

In case you were asking for every field of interest being presented, they are as below:


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Considering the fact that at ASidcast, our main focus is on everything under the sun that is related to gaming, we now list all the very definitive reasons why, whether you are a gamer or a game developer, you simply have to be a The Coalition. To start things off with all that is scheduled for gaming is a talk by Norbert Cellier, a celebrated personality in the international video game industry. He will be taking on the enigmatic topic of ‘Kickstarting You Career’. Focused on young graduates interested in video game development, this session will take you through some of the courses available, opportunities in the gaming industry and how to make it a full-fledged career. Up next is a discussion of the dramatic growth of the Indian gaming industry and what the future holds for Indian gamers, developers and publishers moderated by Executive Director of MTS, Amitesh Rao. ‘The Dawn of E-sports’ is the name for the next talk to be delivered by TL Taylor, who happens to be an qualitative sociologist who has studied internet and game culture for over two decades. She will be analysing how and why E-Sports have quickly become one of the richest and most popular sporting competitions in the world.


If these weren’t reasons enough for you to register, post-lunch holds another bevy of topics in store all set to be discussed by industry leading personalities such as CEO and Co-Founder of Apar Games, Laxmi Desai-Khanolkar and Lead Game Designer for GSN Games, Poornima Seetharam. For more details, don’t forget to visit their website from here and make sure to follow their facebook, twitter and instagram accounts for more updates to follow!