Telltale and NightSchool Studios collaborating on a Mr. Robot Game?


Telltale, with the recent release of Batman, are thinking ahead for the future with Nightschool, who have bagged awards for the success of Oxenfree, a story-rich indie supernatural game, as sources from Twitter indicate.

This was the recent tweet from ECorp messaging, the fictional (evil) multinational corporation from Mr. Robot.

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To most people, it would seem like a marketing strategy to publish a new messaging app, but this account was created in July and has only 22 tweets.

So where does Telltale and Nightschool fit in? Well Nightschool just retweeted that original tweet, adding

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This might merely indicate an app for Android and iPhone devices, but why would game studios be interested in developing a messaging app?

Meanwhile, Telltale retweeted several tweets indicating their collaborations with Nightschool and ‘Ecorp Messaging.’ Given their history in developing games based off  a TV series – Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead – this doesn’t seem like a stretch.

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It seems fairly certain at this point that we’re getting a Mr. Robot game, but details are scarce, to say the least. Colour us intrigued.