Team India for Overwatch World Cup 2019 Revealed by Global Esports


India has never been on the highest priority for Blizzard, or for that matter, most other publishers in the gaming industry. And Overwatch was not extremely popular in India either, so to think that there would be a team representing – India – in the Overwatch World Cup 2019 , would be far fetched at best.

However, it does seem like things are slowly changing as organizations like Global Esports lead by Rushindra Sinha are leading the way in India by creating esports teams that represent the country at International esport tournaments.

Global Esports was always interested in Overwatch as their first ever team was based on the game. And there is quote by Rushindra himself in their Overwatch Roster Reveal video stating that he wanted to build a team that would represent India in the Overwatch World Cup. So for the past few weeks / months, they’ve had multiple try-outs in order to select the 7 final members for the Overwatch India Team; and finally, we seem to have the Team India reveal in an amazing video with Chak de India song going on the background (very emotional but also kind of funny and we hope there are no copyright issues involved in the future.)

The current Roster for Team India is –

Vatsal ‘Nightmare2k’ Uniyal – Main Tank
Girish ‘DJDestiny’ Das – Off Tank
Nishant ‘Archangel’ Chhabra – Off Tank
Aman ‘Cruzi’ Vivek – DPS
Chirag ‘Kcot’ Gupta – DPS
Sparsh ‘SoulHunter’ Oza – Main Support
Megh ‘PrimalMage‘ Patel – Flex Support

Team India for Overwatch World Cup 2019

Like we said before, this is the first time a team from India is going to be competing at the international level in Overwatch, so it’ll be interesting to see whether the current team formed by Global Esports sustains through the years or not. But it is definitely something that Overwatch players and esports enthusiasts in India should cheer on as we definitely need more international participation from our end at various esport titles.