Team Elunes reach Round of 8 in the Shanghai Majors Open Qualifiers#1!


The Indian E-sports scene has seen its fair share of highs and lows. From the early days of watching ATE Gaming’s heady rise to dominate the Indian Counterstrike scene to the catastrophic failure that was the Indian Gaming Carnival, we Indians have seen our fair share. However, a future that looked rather bleak is now rapidly undergoing growth, with a number of teams showing some serious interest in taking the scene up a few notches. The latest, and unarguably India’s biggest impact to the international DotA scene, being Team Elunes making it to the round of 8 in the Open Qualifiers of the Shanghai Majors.

The Shanghai Majors is the next big thing that is scheduled to happen in the international DotA circuit with a prize pool of a staggering 3 million dollars. And Team Elunes was the only Indian team making sure that the Indian flag kept moving on, round from round. There was the ex-NeckBREAK squad, who parted ways from their organization quite recently, going down in the Round of 64. Speaking of Round 64, there is a pretty cool story, or rather a drama, as to what happened.

20 minutes in-game, Team Elunes and their opponents Team Rise.Cat both putting up a tough fight with 10 kills each, all of a sudden, the entire squad of Team Elunes DC’ed! And if that wasn’t bad, salt to injury was added when Rise.Cat doto shamelessly continued the game! However, we Indians extend our thanks to FACEIT, the organizers for a ‘speedy resolution’ of that matter as Rise.Cat doto was disqualified and our heroes moved to the next round, and the next.

Team Manager Siddharth ‘Zo9i’ Nayyar (centre) with the team in Bangalore, before the bootcamp.

The Elunes marched their way to the Round of 8 where they met their Waterloo who went by the name of Pang5. Playing their game in sublime discipline, as caster ClouDx from AFKGaming pointed out, they put on their best show but fell down after putting up a hell of a performance in the Shanghai Majors Open Qualifiers 1.
This is what team manager Siddharth ‘Zo9i’ Nayyar had to say about the team’s performance and the amazing journey that it has been for them:

“The team has been bootcamping in Bangalore for almost a month now and it has proved extremely beneficial. It was unfortunate that their journey had to be cut short in the quarter finals due to internet issues but we’ll give it our all in the 2nd qualifiers. Shoutout to the Indian Dota 2 community for their overwhelming support and encouragement. We hope everyone will watch the games tomorrow and day after and cheer for us!”

However, there still exists a glimmer of hope for our home boiz to win the tickets and see themselves stand on the podium of their first Major in the 2nd Open Qualifiers for the Shanghai Majors starting *the date/time depending on timing*. Make sure you are online to cheer for your country as they take on the SEA powerhouses for the ultimate glory, scheduled to start 10 AM onwards on 5th January!

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1.Team ex-NeckBREAK, who went by the name Charu5, fell down in the Round of 128 against a hard Pacific team-game. Meanwhile Team Elunes move on to the Round of 64 with a bye. Stay tuned on the official stream of AFKGaming (link:!

2. 2:30 pm: Team Elunes secure a nail-biting win against TP.Arv in what can be described as one of the most to-and-fro games they must have ever contested in! Fun fact: TP.Arv had players with MMR above 6.7k MMR, and our homeboy Blizzard with some amazing doto skillz on his Morphling had em rekt! Stay tuned as they make their way to the Round of 32 playing against PhxM tomorrow!

3. 10:30 am: Team Elunes will be facing off with PhxM shortly! Tune in to  the AFKGamingEsports stream.

4. Team Elunes falls down to a very strong team game against Team Phoenix. In a game scarred by multiple team disconnects and ZeDisBuGG experiencing frequents DCs during the Best of 1, PhxM took a rather strong lead in gold and experience early on, leaving nearly no hope for Team Elunes as they called ‘gg’ at the 23-minute mark itself. It was however a great journey, for Charu5 and Team Elunes, who I hope have learnt a lot with this experience. Follow-up article coming soon!


Also, for watching that moment of DC with Melon Doto’s mad editing and watching team carry Jeet ‘Swifty’ Kundra pull an amazing rampage with his signature hero, the ‘Templar Assassin’ captured beautifully by the multi-talented MaG Gaming for all of us, click on the links below!