Stream Your PS4 Games To Your PC With This Unofficial App



The Xbox One managed to up the ante when Microsoft first revealed its plans for streaming Xbox One games to Windows 10 PCs back in January. We did get to see it in action this June and it turned out awesome. Sure Sony’s remote play let you stream your PS4 to your handheld, but shelling out $200 just to play games in your bed isn’t for everyone.

Though we did have certain android apps in the market that mimicked Remote Play but users had to run emulators to run it on the PC which to be frank is a mammoth task for casual gamers.

Independent developer Twisted has developed a native ‘unofficial’ PC app that allows you to do what Remote Play does but on the PC which will be a lot easily accessible by the everyday user.

The app however will be a paid one priced at around 10$. He justifies by saying “I’d like to work on this project full time, adding features, getting it stable and porting it to other platforms which I know a lot of you want! The only way to support this is to charge for the app, all my previous projects have been free and I don’t want to have to but sadly its the only way to support my living costs. On the plus side this means I have more time to work on the project and provide support to its users, something which I’ve been limited on in the past.”

Here’s a link to the app working on a PC.