Sony May Reveal PS4 Neo on 7th September


I believe Sony has decided when to reveal their new PS4 Neo. Yesterday, Sony announced they will host a media event on 7th of September. They already began mailing out invites. 

Sony previously teased, they will release their new PS4 Neo in the second quarter. The second quarter runs from July to October. Thus, it will not be surprising if they reveal PS4 Neo on 7th September. 


Sony promised PS4 Neo will provide gamers a full 4k support, but after seeing Eurogamer’s report, it seems Sony might not live up to their hope. This console will be much stronger than PS4, 4K might not be a sure thing, but we can expect much steadier frame rates from PS4 Neo.


This event will be held in New York. A similar event was hosted by Sony on February 2013, also held in New York, during which the company revealed PS4.

We don’t have any confirmation regarding its release, but we can expect from Sony to reveal their new console on 7th September. 


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