So What Happened?


If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what happened to the old ASidCast website and where’s all our old materials and content, unless you’re from the future in which case you don’t really give a shit. For the rest of you out there, long story short, all our old data got corrupted around the 6th of November thanks to our hosting service provider, Hostgator (Fuck them.) because they deleted everything without any prior notice. The deletion of our website data was also the reason why the website was down for about a week since the 6th of November since we had nothing to show for after everything got deleted, hence we kept things under wraps till we figured out what to do.

The past few days went by us trying to recover the data with little luck. While we do have a way to recover some of our really important article, the bulk of our data is lost and that’s going to hurt us a lot in the long run.

We had the option to either give up this whole ASidCast thing or start again. We decided to do the latter as you can see. And since we were starting again, we decided to do it in a proper way and use all the experience we gained in the last 2 years in order to make sure that we deliver content that we love and content that will actually help grow the pop culture industry and make it better.

As you can see, we have a new website, we’re a tad bit more organized, we’ve a YouTube thing coming soon-ish (We’ve been saying that for a long time but it’s coming, trust us), and we have a new hosting service to make sure that the website stays online 24/7 (Because fuck Hostgator.)

If you’ve any suggestions on how we can improve even further so or have any critic regarding ASidCast as a whole, do feel free to comment below. <3