Review: Shadow Warrior 2


Shadow Warrior 2 is an FPS developed by Flying Wild Hog Games, who also made a reboot of the classic Shadow Warrior. A fast paced shooter which highly emphasizes gameplay, Shadow Warrior 2 has some visceral moments, coupled with great level design, although it falters in terms of animation and story.


The optimization of this game is worth a special mention: you don’t need a super computer to run this game. Even a PC with Intel i3 and 750ti can run this game on high settings with 60fps, making it one of the best optimized games of this year. Many AAA studios can learn a thing or two here from Flying Wild Hog Games.

The main plot of this game revolves around Lo Wang, a badass ninja who works for anyone who pays him well. In this game, Wang is hired to save a girl named Kamiko from a corporation named Zilla. The story of this game takes a drastic turn when Kamiko’s body gets corrupted and her soul ends up in Wang’s head due to the act of mysticism to save her, with the main quest of Shadow Warrior 2 being to transfer back Kamiko’s soul into her original body. The game also puts a lot of emphasis on humor. Crass jokes are part and parcel of this game, especially the dick jokes, seemingly delivered every two minutes by Lo Wang. The witty one-liners and dick jokes were funny but sometimes it fell flat, especially during serious cutscenes, where unnecessarily intrusive jokes are repeated, to the point that I occasionally felt like skipping the cutscenes due to this mistimed humour. However, the story of this game is not the main attraction, with some of the missions getting draggy.


One of Shadow Warrior 2’s biggest draws is that it infuses RPG elements into an FPS. It also has a skill upgradations system, where you can upgrade Wang’s skills as you level up. You can make your guns more powerful with gems which you can collect from dead enemy drops and loot boxes or you can also buy them from the market. You can also merge 3 gems to make one powerful gem. There are many movement options in Shadow Warrior 2, such as double jumps and dashes. Shadow Warrior 2 is a fast paced shooter so enemies often charge at you and with no real defense mechanism available, a dash is the only way to save your ass from enemies.Shadow_Warrior_2_-_Screen_8.0

Shadow Warrior 2 provide gamers with more than 70 different weapons, which keep the combat fresh through the whole campaign. The fun thus truly begins when you experiment with different guns to kill the waves of enemies. All the weapons feel good, starting from the katana to the rocket launchers. It did feel like the enemies were bullet sponges , as sometimes it takes 2-3 minutes to kill a single wave of enemies, the health of each and every enemy being incredibly high.

The co-op mode of Shadow Warrior 2, meanwhile is worthless if you play at lower difficulties. It’s best played at higher difficulties, mainly because it is impossible to beat the game single-handedly on these difficulties. Additionally, once the main campaign ends, you are also given the option to play the side missions which you missed during the campaign.

shadow-warrior-2The graphics in Shadow Warrior 2 were often mediocre, with some of the animations seemingly out of place you. While this was not evident during the fast-paced gameplay, these issues came to the fore during the cutscenes: the character design wasn’t particularly good, and the clothes and skin textures were terrible. The level design, on the other hand, was quite good and the environments were truly awesome. From the sci-fi Zilla labs to Japanese gardens, every environment was detailed and made perfectly.

Shadow-Warrior-2-Screen-5Overall, Shadow Warrior 2 is definitely one of the best shooters of 2016, albeit with a few flaws, one which will keep gamers engaged for a good 10 to 12 hours.

Shadow Warrior 2 Score 7.0

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