Sean Murray Speaks About No Man’s Sky – Beyond Update


After the initial disastrous launch of No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray and his team at Hello Games have been quietly making the game better with free updates every few months or years. Their last few updates, The Atlas rises and NEXT – have done well according to them, as they’ve said on various occasions that with each free update, they’ve gotten even more sales on their game and also gotten more goodwill from the community.

In a series of tweets, Sean talks about how him and his team were overwhelmed with the response they got from the NEXT update of No Man’s Sky and how they thought they wouldn’t do a big update like that ever again – only to do a bigger update called Beyond which is now set to release on 14th August, 2019.

While the VR part of Beyond is self-explanatory, we still do not know much about the new online components that the upcoming update will bring into the game. According to Sean, however, we are going to slowly get more details about the update and what it’s bringing with it once we near the release date as some in the press already seem to have access to the new game components.

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