Samsung is Pissed Off with GTA V Mod That Replaces Sticky Grenades With Galaxy Note 7s


Earlier this month, a new GTA 5 mod was introduced which replaces Sticky Grenades with Galaxy Note 7 phones. Samsung did not find the mod funny. Yesterday, Samsung lodged a DMCA takedown targeting a YouTube video which showcased this mod.maxresdefault (1)

This video was one of the most popular, which showcased this mod. Sadly, you cannot watch this video anymore because it is was taken down via copyright claim by Samsung. Other videos which showcased this mod remains unaffected.Screen_Shot_2016-10-19_at_1.48.04_PM.0The original uploader of this is not happy about this situation. The uploader filed a counter-complaint against Samsung.

Here is what he said:

“Pretty bummed out,” sdaddy345 (ORIGINAL UPLOADER) wrote, “that Samsung copyright take downed a video that I made 100%… No logo, image or even the word ‘Samsung’ was uttered/shown in the video. It was pretty much the same thing as this video, which is just a GTA 5 player throwing the phone at cars and blowing them up.”downloadNothing more is known about this matter. It is clear that Samsung will try to erase each and every video from the internet which showcased this mod.

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