You may have seen in our previous article that the leaked benchmarks show that RX 480 CF runs better than Titan X but not GTX 1080, but those were synthetic benchmark scores, and the real world FPS paints a much better and brighter picture for the red team.

For those who don't know, this is how Ashes of the Singularity looks.
For those who don’t know, this is how Ashes of the Singularity looks.

AMD made a short Ashes of Singularity demonstration of their Radeon RX 480 running in Crossfire mode during Computex 2016 in Taipei. Such configuration was compared to Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080, and according to AMD, Two RX 480s in Cross Fire mode offers better framerate while being utilized at an amazing 183%. Robert Hallock (Head of Global Technical Marketing at AMD) shared more details about this demonstration. The first thing we learn are the exact benchmarks results performed by AMD:
In Game Settings for both configs: Crazy Settings | 1080P | 8x MSAA | VSYNC OFF

Proof right here.
Proof right here. Click on the image to see it better.

But more importantly, Robert Hallock explained the ‘controversy’ over different image quality using competing hardware by saying, “At present the GTX 1080 is incorrectly executing the terrain shaders responsible for populating the environment with the appropriate amount of snow. The GTX 1080 is doing less work to render AOTS than it otherwise would if the shader were being run properly.”

Trust me, this is a hard game to run at 60FPS
Trust me, this is a hard game to run at 60FPS

This test was done with the pricey FOUNDERS EDITION version of the GTX 1080, and even with lesser work to perform due to the terrain malfunction, it lost to the red’s dual 480s. Shame. So it’s true that two are better than one. And a 400$ setup, beats a 700$ one. And for those who argue that this one test could be a fluke, they performed the same test 10 times at different resolutions (1440p included) and the results were within +-1% errors. Meaning that AMD did a better job every time. Amazing job by the new little kid on the block.

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