Russian Lawyer Pushes to Ban DotA 2 for Russians under the Age of 18


In an interesting argument presented by Novosibirsk lawyer Anton Tikhonov, the activist is reported to have written a letter to Valve Corporation regarding certain elements of popular MOBA DotA 2 that violate laws of the Russian Federation.

Speaking to the NGS.NOVOSTI publication, Tikhonov says and I quote:

“The game creates a positive image of alcohol. Some characters in the game drink alcohol and become stronger. There are characters who commit acts of cannibalism, they eat corpses. In addition, players can buy characters. Sexual allusion is also present as all female characters wear skimpy outfits in the game. There is foul language also. To crown it all, one character, the Queen of Pain, if I am not mistaken, promotes sadism and masochism.”


Accusing the video game of violating the clause ‘On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development’, the attorney and his friend conducted an ‘experiment’ of sorts whose outcomes are them understanding that the game doesn’t seek to identify the age of the consumer but allows them to download the application at once. It is interesting to note here that the┬áConstitutional Committee of the Federation Council of Russia already has been actively seeking to ‘protect children under 16 or 18 years from the influence of online games containing scenes of violence.’

What do you think of such a drastic move? Can the gamer be considered rational enough to be able to take such a decision on his own, or should the judiciary take the decision? Let us know in the comments below!