Registered Sex Offenders will be Banned from Pokemon Go


According to a report published by Forbes, 22 percent of Pokemon Go players are aged between 13 to 17. Hence, the New York government banned sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go. The New York government thinks with so many minors playing this game, they became potential targets for child sex offenders.

To reduce the risk for children, Andrew Cuomo said registered sex offenders on parole cannot play Pokemon Go.  The offenders are also restricted from other Internet-enabled games as their punishment.


This limitation would apply to almost 3000 child sex offenders who are on parole. A recent report also showed children were found near the properties and surrounding fields of sex offenders’ homes.

Andrew Cuomo sent a letter to Niantic Labs, requesting Niantic to help them in this initiative and update the sex offender data.

“Software developers that operate mobile games like Pokémon GO should be entitled to the same information that is regularly shared with companies like Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft,” the governor said in the letter.

Niantic is yet to respond to the letter, but spokesperson Rich Azzopardi is positive Niantic can join hands with governments for the good of citizens.