Indian Gaming Expo 2016  (or IGX for short) was an event well done since it was one of the rare occasions the general audience was allowed to experience gaming tech that hasn’t reached India yet. Sadly, many of you aren’t from Mumbai and you weren’t there to play it, so I was at IGX to tell you the details of India’s first CONSOLE VR experience.

This is how we played the game, surrounded by Sony girls who initially had no idea of what they were doing.
This is how we played the game, surrounded by Sony girls who initially had no idea of the set-up they were dealing with.

I reached at Sony’s VR booth (Booth is too small of a word) an hour before the event, where there were 6 PS4 systems in line with 6 VR games and demos. The main ones being Until Dawn: Rush of BloodDriveclub VR and Batman Arkham VR. And there were 3 demos, 2 from Sony’s VR worlds (Ocean’s Descent and The London Heist), and the Resident Evil 7 demo.

I played the VR games first, and as a PC gamer noticed one thing, Resolution. The VR game was running off the PS4 and while the VR headset has a 1080p screen, the render is anything but high-res. The upscaling and interpolation tech is definitely next level here, since I couldn’t see the screen-door effect or any issues regarding framerate .

The booth was spacious. Too spacious, in fact.
The booth was spacious. Too spacious, in fact. You are seeing Until Dawn VR being played on-screen.

It felt like an 800×600 display, honestly. But it was very smooth, almost felt like 90-120 FPS. The Until Dawn VR spinoff was an on the rails shooter, that showed promise with multiple objects, breakable environment and contained the usual VR rollercoaster. It was the complete package, I loved it. The game seemed to cause no load on the CPU, but the graphics seemed dated, with the absence of dynamic lighting and shadows, low res textures, and no reflections, but I had good fun on the VR.

If the PS4 Pro renders VR games spectacularly, this man will regret his purchase.
If the PS4 Pro renders VR games spectacularly, this man will regret his Oculus purchase.

Driveclub VR was a blast to play too, nothing too fancy. Though it was severely outshadowed by the Project CARS VR shown at the ASUS booth. The other demos were alright, and I would like to specially mention the Resident Evil demo to create a really immersive horror environment (Though it was just one room to render and the player couldn’t do much)

All in all it was a great VR package limited by the performance of the console. I really need to see if the PS4 Pro does better and if it does make games look like they do on the Oculus and Vive, we may have one of the best contenders in this category, cause as of now, I’d say buying the PSVR makes no sense.

PSVR Really Worth it?

There’s also the counter argument, “The performance is so low cause the console is so cheap”, but the total investment is not so that logic does not apply here. The complete Playstation VR experience  (PS4 + VR + Move + Camera) will set you back around 1000$ and if I get a Headset + Gaming PC combo for around 1300$, then I’d say the latter would be a better option since it would be much crisper in resolution and smoother at framerate.

TL;DR, We can’t say if the PSVR is a good option to virtual reality until the PS4 Pro is out, so till then we’d rather stick to our PCs.

Stay tuned on Asidcast for more news on Playstation!

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