PS4 Neo Release Date Is Closer Than You’d Expect – Rumor


PS4 Neo is apparently the newest member of PlayStation family, which is still yet to be announced. The console was confirmed back in E3 2016. PS4 Neo is basically an advanced version of the PS4, it will feature a higher clock speed, more powerful GPU, and 4K support. This Console will perform much better with better graphics and framerates to compete with PCs.


The release date of the PS4 is not officially announced, but The Wall Street Journal predicted that new hardware will release before PlayStation VR, which is scheduled to be established on 13th October. The Financial Result declared that the company also states that a new hardware name “Neo 4K” (the code name given to the PS4.5) will resign before the first half of the fiscal year, which extends from July to September.

Other that this, Giant Bomb also revealed that all the PS4 games which release on or after October 2016 will require a support for both the launch version of the PS4 and the unannounced PS4.5. Games released in late-September will also demand a post-launch patch to make them compatible with the PS4 Neo, not only Giant Bomb, but many other authors claimed that PS4 Neo will release between ┬áLate September – Early October.

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