PS Vita Hacked: Homebrew Access Enabled


The PS Vita always had a firm security system, but a hacking team named Team Molecule has released a novel software which fully unlocks the entire might of the Vita hardware for homebrew developers.

HENkaku, is very easy to install, given that you are running the latest firmware 3.60, and then visit a specially set up website to activate the exploit. A code removes Vita’s files from the system and helps users to access it via FTP. From there, homebrew packages can be transferred across and run on the unit.


This software runs on PlayStation TV/Vita TV, allowing games which were once locked to be played. Other applications include the power to developers to create homebrew apps that leave out elements of the Vita at a level that’s inaccessible to game developers. For now very few games are available to run, such as DOOM and a smattering of emulators. 


Here is what Yifan Lu, the man behind the exploit, says:

“It does not disable any DRM features. It does not let you decrypt encrypted games. Here’s my stance on this: I do not care one way or the other about piracy. I do not judge people who do pirate. I will not act as the police for pirates. However, I will personally not write any tools that aid in piracy. It is my choice just as it is the pirate’s choice to steal content.”