Popular Anime Sequels releasing in 2017

attack on titan season 2

Popular Anime sequels

Releasing this year, most of these amazing anime are considered masterpieces by Otakus around the globe, so i guess its time to get on the HYPE Train!

Code Geass Sequel to R2

code geass r3 Popular Anime
Now for the best, Code Geass season three was also announced back in 2016. The New project consists of three recap movies, which are set for an early 2017 release, and a Sequel to Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, which might get a late 2017 release date.

Attack on Titan Season 2
attack on titan 2 Popular Anime
Attack on Titan began airing back in 2013, and since then, fans have been anticipating a second season. Well this year, we’re finally getting our wish come true as Eren Jaegar, on behalf of the entire humanity, will continue his battle against the Titans who are also approaching closer and closer towards Wall Rose & will have a early April 2017 release date.

One Punch Man Season 2

one puch man 2 Popular Anime

One Punch Man covers the adventures of Saitama, who tries to become a fan favorite by defeating evil, and Genos who is desperate to get on his mentor’s level. The anime aired in 2015, and may just finally be getting its 2nd season this year. Like Tokyo Ghoul, however, it’s air date isn’t specified, but will likely air in mid 2017.


My Hero Academia Season 2

my hero akademia 2 Popular Anime

My Hero Academia’s first season aired in 2016, and ended with a sweet victory for the heroes against the villains, thanks to All Might. Now, our heroes are set to continue their journey as the anime is less than just a few weeks away!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

boruto Popular Anime

Naruto is nearing its end, and will air it’s last episode on March 23rd. The series went on for more than 10 Years with Naruto as the protagonist, but now, it’s time for the next generation to take up the light and also protect the world of Shinobi from the incoming threats. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will begin airing as soon as early April.


vrains Popular Anime

Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the most popular anime franchise. It is getting a staggering Sixth anime series this year, which is also the fifth overall spin-off. Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS will air after Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V and will follow Yusaku Fujiki, in a high school environment & might release early April 2017.

Tokyo Ghoul Sequel to Root A

tokyo ghoul Popular Anime

Tokyo Ghoul shook the world of anime since it’s release way back in 2014. The show has already released a season 2 in 2015, titled Tokyo Ghoul: √A. A sequel to root A was also anticipated last year but it looks like Kaneki will hit the screens again sometime this year, according to Viz Media. However, an air date is not officially specified yet.