Pokemon Go: First Footage and Analysis!


Pokemon Go is a game co-created by Niantic Inc. the creator of the popular alternate reality mobile game Ingress, and Nintendo, the great company that made the NES 33 years back. But history aside, Nintendo has now started venturing into mobile games and Pokemon Go looks to be the most ambitious project of them all.

While the details are fuzzy, here’s what I could speculate from the video above.

There will be a lot of travelling. (Like Ingress)

-You will find certain Pokemon in certain areas, so you’ll have to search your way through all 721 (I hope all of them are there) of them. People with OCD will transform into travellers and explorers. May God help your completionist goals.

There will be a lot of battles. (Like all the Pokemon games)

– If there are people playing this game, they will be fighting each other. I just hope this game gains traction in India as I don’t wanna go all the way to another city to battle a trainer. There are going to be forts that will have to be captured and defended. I guess there might be a team/faction system in the game.

Pokemon Go


Analysis Time:

#1 We see the player having a Level 9 character, so there’s gonna be a growth progression system for players, and certain perks/areas of the game will be unlocked to players above a certain level from the looks of it.

#2 The bottom right of the video shows 3 Ivysaurs, maybe that’s the place that shows the Pokemon you’ll encounter in the area. (Or it could be your own Pokemon Party)

#3 The character stands on a 3D map and the Ivysaur model stands on it too. So finding Pokemon may not be a game of chance. (All them Rattatas in grass and Zubats in caves, I curse you)

#4 Then the battle starts and the background is literally your surroundings (Time for augmented reality!) and the model of Ivysaur stands in the same position on the grass thanks to gyro tracking + Math.

#5 Ivysaur also has the text – CP 535 besides its name, which seems like a substitute for HP for catching one. (Though we don’t have to battle it) so it could be a restriction or could be a way to know how easy/tough it is to catch. (CP = Crystal Points, but now i’m just guessing.)

#6 There are a few different Pokeballs to choose from. Regular, Great, Ultra and Master Balls make the cut. Heavy, Premier, Net, Dive Balls and many others aren’t yet seen.

#7 There seems to be aim involved while throwing the Pokeball as the first throw was a ‘miss’ and the game said ‘good throw’ at a point.

#8 The person playing the game is stupid for using a Master Ball to catch an Ivysaur.

#9 The trainer gets 10 XP for catching the Pokemon. This is further proof to Point 1.

#10 The Pokemon he caught had Hit Points (96) so they can be battled, but there are gonna be some kind of Crystals associated with the game. (Goes back to Point 5)

#11 There is proper Dual-Typing and the model of Ivysaur looks really good.

That’s all I could ‘absorb’ from this video. If you think you can find more details, feel free to write them down in the comments below! And stay tuned to ASidcast for more Pokemon