PlayStation VR can Rule the Tech Market with below $500 price


When it comes to VR headsets, it is undeniable that tech people and gamers are quite excited about getting hands on them. This year is very crucial for VR as the three most popular home VR headsets, namely HTC Vive, powered by SteamVR, the most popular Oculus Rift, and the Sony PlayStaion VR.

As we have mentioned earlier, the HTC Vive VR is going to cost $800, and it’s this big price tag, that’s putting the Vive at a disadvantage against it’s rivals. However HTC tries to explain the price.

Research Analyst Michael Patcher shared his feelings that the most anticipated Rift can emerge at the top, but a sub-$500 VR from Sony, may boost the PlayStation VR to the top of this competition, and moreover, it would support the one handed move motion controllers for PlayStation, giving a competition to HTC’s one handed controllers that come with the Vive.

In the United Kingdom, the Rift will be priced at £499 and additional £30 as shipping charges, while the Vive is reported to land a £689 hit to the pocket, excluding shipping charges. Sony haven’t yet put a proper tag on the PlayStation VR, but it is being anticipated that it will cost less than £349.

Source: VideoGamer