Plague Inc. Evolved Gets Multiplayer


If you can relate to Resident Evil baddie Albert Wesker and want to annihilate the entire human race through mass extinction then Plague Inc: Evolved is the game for you. Originally a game for the mobile devices simply called Plague Inc., Plague Inc: Evolved is a fully redeveloped and designed version of the previous for Windows, OS X, Linux and Xbox One. The games objective is to infect a patient zero with a virulent disease and kill the whole world population by evolving the plague and adapting it to various environments. However the player must do that in a given time limit to prevent the population from creating a cure. Developer Ndemic Creations had expressed plans for Cooperative and competitive multiplayer (a major difference from the original handheld version) when they released the game for the pc and whilst Cooperative mode has not been implemented yet, the Competitive mode has now been made available.

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In the competitive mode, the world is unlucky enough to be affected by two deadly plagues controlled by two players. The end objective remains the same with who ever infects the world first declared winner however this time they’ll have to avoid being eradicated prematurely by the opponent. The players will have a choice to go under radar and quietly infect the populous while the other player battles it out with the AI. Or be aggressive outright and fight his way against humanity with the new added ability of “Immune Shock” will overload the immune systems of people infected with both diseases killing millions in a cooperative manner. The players can also focus on hunting down the other plague with “Genetic Exposure” another new ability which allows the humans to develop a cure, however only for the competing disease thereby wiping it out before it even begins spreading.

Plague Inc Evolved is available on Steam for ₹479/$14.99 while Plague Inc is available on Google Play for free. If you’re not into world annihilation and like games like Clash of Clans. Check out this article.

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