3DM Announces That They Will Soon Present Solution to Denuvo DRM


Though the truth of the fact remains contested, with the arrival of the new Denuvo Anti tamper technology from the Austrian Software developer of the same name, many gamers have complained of lengthier loading screens in games using the technology. Denuvo has kept the most infamous cracking groups from releasing the games for free on torrent sites within a few days from the games release, as was the norm before. This was evident with the release of Just cause 3, a Denuvo protected game, released back in 1st December, 2015, for which there is no crack till date.

Out of all these Pirate groups exist there, one of the most infamous, a Chinese group, known as “3DM”, responsible for cracking Grand Theft Auto V, had made a comment earlier this year, that we might be approaching what seems to be an end of piracy. The group has also said that they are deciding to halt all cracking operations to see how it affects the sale of legit games. This announcement have led many to believe that Denuvo is proving too difficult to crack and that it was an excuse for 3DM to back out of cracking with respect, as they have said on TorrentFreak.

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In a surprising turn of events, the leader of the piracy group 3DM, Bird Sister has recently announced on TorrentFreak, “3DM will soon announce that we have a solution to the latest Denuvo encryption used on games including FIFA 16, Just Cause 3, and Tomb Raider: The Rise of Tomb Raider”. If these claims are anything to go by, then it suggests that The group is very close to release cracks to Denuvo protected games, but the group also announced to cease all piracy for one year to see that how it affects the sale of legit games. When questioned about this decision Bird Sister added, “We [made this announcement] because a lot of players believe we have abandoned cracking due to technical problems, but we will prove it is not the case.”

On being questioned about this, Denuvo developers said that they do not position Anti-Tamper solution as uncrackable, but only hard to crack. They explained that they do not expect permanent protection from hackers, but their goal is to delay the hackers, by making the game hard to crack so that pirated games doesn’t come out during the early days from the release of the game, this time, being very crucial to the game publishers and developers.

“Our focus is to help publishers to secure the initial sales windows of their games, hence delaying piracy.”, says Denuvo sales & marketing director Thomas Goebl. The time being taken by piracy groups to triumph over Just Cause 3 and The Rise of Tomb Raider, has clearly proven this.

We do not know till now whether any of these games have actually been cracked. We do not support piracy, nor in any way intend to promote piracy, but it would be interesting to observe how 3DM’s announcement and their future work affects the industry.

Source: PCGamesN