PES 2017 First Look – FC Barcelona Trailer


Pro Evolution Soccer, or PES as it’s more commonly known is an intricately detailed football sim by Konami. FIFA 16 wasn’t a great improvement over the previous version, and gave PES a chance to come out in front, but PES wants to stay ahead as I see amazing visuals and realistic tiki taka in their new trailer, which features La Liga winner, FC Barcelona.

Looking at the 60 FPS trailer, Konami’s deal with the club is clearly seen as the trailer begins with a view of the amazing, faithfully recreated Camp Nou. Konami and FCB have partnered up to also help getting photorealistic faces and play styles, along with a special Barcelona edition to be launched along with the game. The graphics are a definite step up and heading in the direction of realism, with subtle colors, and gratuitous usage of motion blur, unlike FIFA’s eye poppingly beautiful yet unreal graphics.

Yes, this Kit is being showcased.

The issue is that the facial expressions still lie in the uncanny region, and atleast FIFA’s got it half right. Shaders look impeccable, and the smooth gameplay seems like a real match is going on. The gameplay at least looks the same as before with a heavy emphasis of passing, the dominant style of play for FC Barcelona. As a fan of the team, I surely loved the trailer and the fact that they showcased the new 2016-17 kits, which are still unfinished (As their major sponsor is yet to be decided), made me happy.

But another weird thing I noticed is… Where is Messi’s arm tattoo? Konami, at least represent the star of the team properly?

FIFA 16 had the tattoos, but PES still lagging on the ink?
FIFA 16 had the tattoos, but PES still lagging on the ink?

What do you expect from the next PES, will FIFA beat it? For more news on football sims, stay tuned to Asidcast.