One Explorer is on an Apparently Impossible Quest of Circumnavigating an Entire Planet on Foot In No Man’s Sky


Gaming is a beautiful hobby. Personally speaking, the combination of so many audiovisual stimulants with the sense of an achievement in a universe – one you would prefer to live in over your current space – is something that I have grown to find addictive over the years. That being said, people have been known to take their affection for games to levels ahead of your casual gamers, and a certain redditor named Steambot found his way of expressing it by keeping a journal on reddit describing his quest wherein he WALKS across Dudenbbeaumodeme which happens to be one of the 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets, in No Man’s Sky.

The journey begins. PT 1

Planets in the game are huge, and unlike people who have been walking off the corners in GTA maps for YouTube, Steambot decided upon writing about this journey in the virtual world much like what any adventurer would write. If you haven’t found this premise intriguing enough, we now take a look at his first entry from a series of posts that he has made on reddit describing it:

“I’ve decided to find something new to do so I’m walking across an entire planet. I chose a random “O” class star and settled on a planet with a little, but not too much water. The atmosphere was cold with ample flora and moderate fauna.


There has been a constant complaint levelled at NMS: you only need to spend a few minutes out of your ship to see everything a planet has to offer. This journey has proven the opposite to me so far. I’m regularly surprised and delighted by every horizon this planet has thrown at me: towering mountains (so cool when I got to the top!), deep valleys, wide lakes with large predators prowling for a meal (made me think twice about shortcuts across water!), cool yellow days and icy purple nights…”

Walking across the sky. PT 2

The entire maddening of a journey has thereafter been written in many entries, upto a PT 11. Let us take a look at some of the finer moments described by Steambot in these parts:

“The icon for the ship isn’t dropping below the horizon like I thought it would. It’s actually moving higher into the sky.

Maybe it’s the massive scale of the planet, but the planets in the sky above me don’t seem to be moving at all. This makes me very nervous.”


“I really wanted to quit tonight. It all started when somebody posted a video of themselves flying their starship through a canyon earlier today. I couldn’t get that image out of my head as I loaded up the game and started walking. I missed my ship so bad. I missed it like an ex-girlfriend.

Then I came across a language stone. The word was ‘leave’. I kid you not. The game wanted me to throw in the towel too. Unbelievable.”

He got meme’d.

“A few random musings:

I’m getting pretty tired of blindly falling down pits an cliffs. There are areas of this planet that are like swiss cheese. water logged swiss cheese.

What is up with getting attacked by insectivores? Is the player a giant, space-faring bug? How Kafkaesque.”

“For this entire journey a single issue has vexed me more than any other: how do I travel a straight line without a compass or a waypoint in front of me? The answer has been in front of me this whole time. I should have been following the sun rather than faffing about lining up waypoints that were behind me. I mean, I named it “The Pilgrim Star” after all. I was walking in a northwestern direction but am now heading directly east. I’m sure I’ve wasted quite a few hours but that’s life, I guess.”


“It’s getting so damn close now. After another marathon play session while nursing a cold, I’m now just 6 hours or so away from my ship. This is actually happening!

The three other planets of the Pilgrim star have also finally returned to the sky! It was actually really exciting seeing one after another come over the horizon.

It’s definitely going a lot faster now. During the first half of the trip the timer on the ships waypoint went up to 15 hours before counting back down, this time it started counting back down after only 13 hours.”

Nearing the end. PT 11

This is the first of the many entries in this online journal of his, excluding his announcement post. You can check out his following posts till his last blog till now by clicking on the next iteration of each from his previous post too.