OpenAI bots are now pwning human teams in a 5v5 match in Dota 2


Does the OpenAI bot, who shadow-razed every professional player last year during The International 7, reminds you of Skynet? Well, it’s time to think again.

The OpenAI team revealed their newest – the OpenAI Five, a full team of five heroes controlled by AI. They are five neural networks that work together and outmaneuver the human teams in every possible way.

A Basic Understanding about OpenAI

If you did not understand the significance of this feat, then consider the following situations. Dota 2 is a real-time strategy game that has manifold complexities over games such as Chess and Go. Machine learning also involves pitting the bots against one another, on 256 GPUs and 128000 CPU cores, through Reinforcement Algorithm. The OpenAI neural network learns from every single match that they have played themselves. The bots also have to cope with fortnightly updates, which effectively makes or breaks a hero.

Feats of the OpenAI Five

Speaking of heroes, there are several match restrictions. The game is a mirror match with the following picks: Sniper, Viper, Crystal Maiden and Lich. Other restrictions include no Warding, no Roshan fights, and no Courier scouting among others. The team explains they are yet to implement these features into the AI.

Observing OpenAI’s Gamestyle

The OpenAI team embedded their update with machine learning patents and their own technologies. I, for one, am not geeky enough to understand the nuances! However, it is quite easy to observe the patterns and capabilities of the bot team.

  1. The bot team have effective response to enemy team fights. They are able to combine spells and items,  to counter a team fight. Engagement or disengaging is based on their current positions. They inflict more damage to the human team, while trying to avoid the death of their allies.
  2. It is noticeable how the bots sometimes bait the human teams. The bots use a parameter called value prediction. A higher value refers to the bot expecting a huge reward through a kill, or bait-trapping.
  3. They can guess the position of the juking opponent and possibly garner a kill.
  4. The AI bots react quickly to the positioning of the human team. They make active rotations as soon as they spot a killing opportunity.
  5. They focus on taking down the Team Human hero with the highest net worth, by hook or crook. Interestingly, they are not afraid to use high cooldown items and ultimates on a single hero.
  6. They are able to correctly predict the movement of the opponent even if they are behind the Fog of War.
  7. Lastly, the bots also showed capabilities of sacrificing one of their lower net worth heroes. The human team successfully distracted, the bots go after the objectives.

OpenAI Bots have an aggressive approach

In addition to all these features, there are certain nuances in the video:

  1. As Blitz pointed out, over several games, the bot team never touch the enemy’s bottom towers. They capture objectives by winning two of the other lanes – the mid lane and the enemy’s safe lane. The safelane carry starts rotating lanes, presumably after finishing up the build.
  2. With only so much rotation, the Crystal Maiden easily takes the core role and initiates team fights. By blinking towards the enemy team, she activates the Black King Bar and uses her ultimate, Freezing Field. A well-farmed Sniper can easily take down the said Crystal Maiden. However, the bots use the element of surprise. Before Team Humans can react, the bots have already taken down their kill.
  3. The bot also uses a parameter called the Team Spirit as Chirsty explains in the video. The bots start off as extremely selfish, performing their expected roles. They eventually start to grouping up and utilize their synergies to win their objectives one after another.

Well, this is what I have learnt from the update. The OpenAI team are tinkering to eliminate the limitations mentioned above, and are hoping to beat professional teams in an open demonstration stream on July 28. The bots gather an experience of 180 years in a day. So one month is more than enough to become the first bot TI winners!