Obduction, from the Creators of Myst, Comes Out Today


Following a successful Kickstarter campaign and a long development period, Obductionthe new exploration adventure game from Cyan, Inc. – the makers of classics such as Myst and Riven – is set for release on August 24th.

The game begins with the player’s abduction (obduction?) and subsequent teleportation to a mysterious new world. Here, you are “added into an alien landscape with a stereotypical, Kansas farmhouse with a white picket fence.” From there, you are left to figure out the bizarre town at a distance, and “a strange, kluged kiosk that reassuredly welcomes you to “Hunrath.” Obduction assures complete exploratory control and choice for the player, in the vein of Myst, leaving you to piece together your journey by yourself, in “remarkable landscapes, architecture, and environments that surpass anything we’ve[Cyan] done before.”

Unfortunately, it seems like that game has had minimal promotion and marketing so far, and so is relatively unknown, but it certainly looks to be an intriguing, beautiful game. And given the team’s history, we can be pretty sure we’ve got an epic new game on our hands.

Obduction will be available on Steam and GOG.