Now Play Dark Souls 3 in First Person View


First-person mods have been quite common for Dark Souls games, with Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 already having a First-Person mode on PC, so it’s shouldn’t be surprising that Dark Souls III would get it as well.

Zulliethewitch, a game modder who also created similar mods for Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, has created a first-person mod for Dark Souls III. Catch a glimpse of Dark Souls III on First-Person mode below:


Since the game wasn’t meant to be played for a First-person view, there are some weird animation disorders like the fact that your hands just float,  but by and large, it looks surprisingly playable.

The First-person view may also make playing more difficult because while in Third-Person you can keep track of your surroundings, First-Person makes this much more difficult. Moreover, the First-Person is extremely glitchy. This image below will give you a clearer idea.


From Software and Bandai Namco have been handing out softbans to PC players found cheating, or even modifying their game files in any way. To avoid getting softbanned, all those who wish to use this mod should make a backup of their save file and play the game offline. You can download the mod here.

Will you download this mod for your next playthrough of Dark Souls III? Let us know in the comments below.