‘No Man’s Sky’ Soundtrack is Going On a World Tour


No Man’s Sky seems to be doing everything right and really riding the hype train since 2013. They’re planning something quite unique, continuing their run of innovative ideas.


A video game soundtrack has never before been taken on a tour to exhibit it to the audience before it’s published. But that’s just what will be happening with 65daysofstatic’s No Man’s Sky soundtrack, where the British band will tour around the globe to play this soundtrack live. The tour will start from the Netherlands.

The No Man’s Sky soundtrack features two albums’ worth of science fiction-inspired melodies with one 10-song assortment of strains and six “soundscapes” meant to accompany you on your journey throughout the game’s procedurally-generated creations.

The game’s soundtrack, No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe, is scheduled for release the day after, on August 10th. This game will hit the store shelves on 9th of August, so all about the hype train!