Nintendo Unveils The Nintendo Switch: A Console/Mobile hybrid


After the unveiling of their new project, which at its core was a new console to join the large array of many dating since the dawn of gaming, the Japanese company had announced earlier today informing eager fans to wait until 7 AM PT for its preview trailer. Behold, the Nintendo Switch.


With rumors being rift since 2015 of the NX to be a console-mobile hybrid, Nintendo finally lays a lot of these to rest, this being the first of the other prominent one. Yes Nintendo fans, it features cartridges. The trailer also sees the Switch being able to power Skyrim and NBA 2K17, making its technical specifications one to watch out for, as the technology behind it can already be called game-changing. Let us also not forget that people also talked about it being powered by an AMD GPU earlier this year, as reported by us.

Among the hype surrounding the new console however, is an aspect overshadowed. We are also going to be treated to not one, but two new Mario game, which we get to see in the trailer! What did you think of this new console? Does its form factor and hardware’s capacity make it worthwhile, or will think twice because of a lack of a wide selection in games? Let us know in the comments below.