Nintendo is Planning to Create Controllers for its Smartphone Games


With five new gaming apps scheduled to release before March 2017, it’s clear that Nintendo is attempting to strengthen their foothold in the mobile gaming industry, and it now appears that they could possibly affect the industry by creating their very own mobile gaming controller.

None have been formally announced, but at the 76th annual general shareholders meeting it was revealed that Nintendo is looking at developing hardware as easily as software as part of its mobile gaming venture.2839333-marioIn a query-answer session,  someone asked Nintendo whether they have any programs involving a physical controller for smartphones and here is how General Manager of the Entertainment Planning and Development Division, Shinya Takahashi responded:

“Physical controllers for smart device applications are available in the market and it is possible that we may also develop something new by ourselves.” He went on to add the caveat, however, that “Nintendo’s way of thinking is to look at whether action games are really not impossible (without a physical controller for smart device applications) to create and how we can make it happen to create such a game.“

nintendo_mobile_gamesThis response, it suggests that Nintendo is actively considering going after two different avenues with its mobile games, greatly extending their chances of success.

But Takahashi doesn’t destroy the ray of hope that new and exciting action titles that would make use of a physical controller could be made by Nintendo, leaving us to wonder what their plans in the mobile gaming space might be and whether we might eventually see mobile editions of classic and new titles such as Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon or Mario.

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