Nintendo Files New Patent For Handheld Device

This is what you'd get if you made a GBA that looked like an iPhone 5.

This honestly looks like what you’d get if you  made a GBA and merged it with the design of the iPhone 5.

A new Nintendo patent for a handheld device has been discovered, though it’s too soon to know what the company’s plans are for it. I’m hoping something like this releases but it seems like a modern one screen version of the New 3DS, it could be a controller for the NX but I find that very unlikely thanks to the Wii U’s terrible, bulky controller.

Spotted by Twitter user ZhugeEX (via IGN), The patent was filed for by a number of Nintendo employees with the US Patent & Trademark Office on December 3, 2015, but it was only just published recently, on June 30. (Prior to that, it was filed for in Japan on December 26, 2014.) It focuses first and foremost on its speakers and vibration capabilities, though it does also talk about its other hardware components.


A touchscreen controlled game by Nintendo? Not likely to happen.
A touchscreen controlled game by Nintendo? Not likely to happen.

The device would have what appears to be a touch screen, vibration effects and two speakers at the bottom. There are three buttons on the right side. Another version of the apparatus, shows the more traditional circle and d-pad on the left and ABXY buttons on the right. But, every patent isn’t used. Patents are designed to protect ideas, and Nintendo historically has had plenty of them. It doesn’t necessarily mean we will be seeing this handheld any time in the near future.

Definitely a Zelda thing, this.
Definitely a Zelda thing, this.

“A non-limiting example information processing apparatus comprises a housing, and a left speaker and a right speaker are provided in a left end portion and a right portion of the housing and in an inside of this housing,” the summary states. “Each speaker is arranged such that a vibration direction of a diaphragm becomes in a direction perpendicular to a plane surface of a display panel that is provided in the front of the housing” A lot more was written on the speakers that indicate a 3 dimensional sound space will be created by the rather weak looking speakers
You can read the full patent for yourself here.

Another model, but no buttons, what is Nintendo trying to make here?
Another model, but no buttons, what is Nintendo trying to make here?

We can’t assume this has anything to do with Nintendo’s new system, the NX, which will reportedly be a sort of console/handheld hybrid. Nintendo did surprise fans however, when it opted not to show the system recently–which is set to launch by March 2017.

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