New Metal Gear Solid Trailer Gets Massive Dislikes


Metal Gear Solid is back with some kind of remastered rendition of MGS3, but in the form of a a wonderfully crafted Pachinko slot machine. Feel betrayed? That’s what fans in Japan felt when they saw the Japanese trailer, which shows major villains like The End, The Pain, The Fear along with a beautiful looking FOX engine render of the The Boss and Big Boss  shown in a field full of flowers. What initially looks like a HD remaster of MGS 3 for next-gen consoles, soon gets watered down into a machine you’ll waste your money gambling on.

Here’s the defamed video :

Even the biggest MGS fans wouldn’t want to play this, I assume. The slot machine is only available in Japan. The rage was really felt as the video posted by KPE was given a massive 15k dislikes within 110k views, which is actually a worse response than Activisions new Call of Duty trailer. 13.6% of the total views were dislikes compared to Call of Duty’s 10.3%.

Taken from one of Konami’s annual super secret meetings. All they did was bitch about Hideo.

We hope this is a troll like Hideo used to do in the old days. Konami really has no idea what they are doing, and the best I can hope from this trailer is a remastered version of MGS3 someday for PC and Next-Gen consoles.

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